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Consumers or citizens? A talk given in London
October 2010
Journey to the Dark Mountain A talk given at the Big Tent Festival
July 2010
Getting real about a green future A talk given at the Dark Mountain festival
May 2010
Is civilisation on its last legs? The Guardian
August 2009
An exchange of letters with George Monbiot
Waste The Independent
July 2009
Tristram Stuart's new book is powerful and inspiring
Ecologic The Independent
February 2009
Brian Clegg attempts to stiffen the sinews of green argument
Hungry City The Independent
July 2008
Carolyn Steel's new book examines food and the city
Who cares about Britishness? OurKingdom
May 2008
Vron Ware's new book asks what the world thinks of Britain
Robinson Jeffers: selected poems The Independent
May 2008
My 'book of a lifetime' - the work of a great but neglected poet
Starbucked The Independent
February 2008
Taylor Clark's investigation of the global coffee phenomenon
Stuffed and Starved The Independent
November 2007
Raj Patel exposes the global food crisis
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle The Independent
July 2007
Barbara Kingsolver's tale of living lightly
Isolarion The Independent
May 2007
James Attlee explores Oxford's Cowley Road
Welcome To Everytown The Independent
March 2007
Julian Baggini gets to the heart of England - literally
Local Heroes The Ecologist
January 2007
Meet the founders of the most effective green campaign group you've never heard of
Making Globalization Work The Independent
September 2006
Joseph Stiglitz's new book on the failing global economy
Less Environment, more Place FotE AGM
September 2006
The text of my 2006 John Preedy Memorial Lecture at the Friends of the Earth AGM.
This Turbulent Priest The Ecologist
September 2006
Priest, beggar, communist, editor, vagabond - an interview with The Reverend John Papworth
Bicycle Man The Ecologist
September 2006
An interview with Andrew Ritchie, father of the Brompton bike
New Statesman
July 2006
The Independent
June 2006
The Independent
March 2006
New Statesman
March 2006
The Independent
December 2005
New Statesman
December 2005
New Statesman
November 2005
Alison Miller's novel about global protest
Steffi the Vampire Slayer The Ecologist
June 2005
An interview with Goldman Prize-winning activist Stephanie Roth
SUVs: paragon or crime? The Ecologist
June 2005
A debate with Top Gear editor Michael Harvey
The World Is Flat New Statesman
May 2005
Thomas Friedman's new book is the usual string of cliches
IOU: The debt threat and why we must defuse it New Statesman
November 2004
Noreena Hertz's new book doesn't cut the mustard
West Papua: Dutch past, Indonesian present … independent future? OpenDemocracy
May 2003
An interview with Papuan human rights activist John Rumbiak

Just say Yes

The Ecologist
November 2002

An interview with the Yes Men, the ultimate 'cyber-hoaxers'


Knowing Noam

The Ecologist
May 2002

An interview with Noam Chomsky, the Godfather of political dissent

How Local Can We Go The Ecologist
April 2001
A debate with Zac Goldsmith on the future of local vs global politics
Strife On Earth The Ecologist
April 2001
An interview with Sir David Attenborough, Britain's most famous naturalist.

"I wish I had the guts to shut up"

The Ecologist
September 2000

An interview with Booker Prize-winning writer Arundhati Roy

The Ecologist
June 2000
An interview with French farming rebel José Bové

"If The People Pie, The Leaders Will Swallow"

The Ecologist
April 2000

An interview with Special Agent Apple of the Biotic Baking Brigade


The Journalism of Attachment

October 1999

Talk given to the International Federation of Environmental Journalists, Bogota, Colombia.