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‘It’s as if Alex Garland has taken Naomi Klein on holiday … part visionary, part historian, [Kingsnorth’s] voice is accessible, impassioned and persuasive.’

‘Kingsnorth's reportage dispels once and for all the myth that only the white middle classes are upset at the WTO . . . Recommended.’
The Guardian

‘Excellent … both a travel book and a manifesto for worldwide economic resistance.’
The Times

‘Even fans of globalisation should read his vivid reports, full of quirky detail.’
The Independent

‘Rousing … his optimism is stirring and persuasive’
The Observer

‘This gripping, highly personable travelogue is essential reading for anyone who wants to get up to speed with the growing social-justice movement.’ RATING: 5/5
New Internationalist

‘As much a travel book as a manifesto, Kingsnorth’s take on the politics of resistance is engaging, offering not only criticism of the way things are but expressing a vision of how they might be’
Big Issue

‘He shows, in vivid, knowledgeable reportage, that the alternatives to the prevailing world order are out there, and growing in support.’
The Scotsman

‘An enlightening guide to the ragbag of anti-globalisation movements.’
New Statesman

‘Reading One No, Many Yeses reminded me of John Reed's classic reportage from the Russian and Mexican revolutions a century ago. Not least because Kingsnorth's book begins with the Zapatistas coming out of the Mexican jungles to declare bankrupt the inheritors of the old Mexican revolution. Can the new movement do better? We shall see, but its literature is starting to shape up quite well.’
New Scientist

The Ecologist

'This is a brilliant and inspiring book. For once, the hype is matched by the product ... Buy this book - it is a damned good read and a real eye-opener on what is happening in corners of the world which otherwise receive little exposure.'
Morning Star

‘The kind of book your parents should read. “Here, mum, this explains everything. And it’s got a plot!” … Even for world weary activists, who have long accepted the iniquities of the neo-liberal agenda, One No Many Yeses is still worth reading … a generous and human adventure.’
Corporate Watch

‘Skilfully crafted … investigative journalism of the highest order.’
Fourth World Review

‘Paul Kingsnorth is exactly the kind of troublemaker the world needs … One No, Many Yeses comes closer to defining the global resistance movement than any book yet, and to conveying the enormous passion, pain, and human warmth upon which this movement rests. There is unlikely to be a more important book for the green movement released this year.’
Earth Island Journal (US)

‘A dizzying whirlwind tour of movements across the continents … Kingsnorth gains a real appreciation of the multifaceted nature of the movement … To his great credit, Kingsnorth affirms that the movement goes far beyond the headline-grabbing actions of First World protesters.’
Green Left Weekly (Australia)

‘Seriously deficient.’
Socialist Workers’ Party