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England is the unheard word Comment is Free
April 2010
The UK is broken, but you won't hear about it during this election
From Munich to Copenhagen Comment is Free
November 2009
Trying to get a global climate deal is like trying to stop the rain
A windfarm is not the answer The Guardian
July 2009
Mega-technologies in the wilderness are answering the wrong question
Englishness is a cultural identity OurKingdom
May 2009
The BNP's rise means we should think harder about who we are

Forget St George - let's
celebrate Wat Tyler's Day

The Guardian
April 2009
Time for the English to stand up for themselves
A line in the green sand The Guardian
February 2009
Renewable projects that destroy landscapes are not 'green'
Obama the archetype Granta.com
November 2008
John McCain never stood a chance - Barack Obama is an archetype as much as a man
The 'progressive' case for England Comment is Free
August 2008
It's time for a mainstream English nationalist movement

A radical answer to the
West Lothian question

Comment is Free
July 2008
If we want to see constitutional fairness, we need a federal Britain
Is he really green? The Guardian
June 2008
Is David Cameron a shallow salesman, or does he mean what he says?
Dave new world Comment is Free
June 2008
I'm as surprised as anyone to be seeing David Davis as a hero
Land of a thousand textures whatenglandmeanstome.com
May 2008
A tradition of navel gazing Comment is Free
April 2008
Acting local Comment is Free
April 2008
Place is a key source of identity    
Fending off the English Comment is Free
March 2008
Gordon Brown's 'Britishness' campaign has a hidden agenda
Dishonest campaigning for paltry solutions climatedenial.org
March 2007
Climate change campaigners may be wasting their time
The Last Chance? New Statesman
May 2006
The 2006 European Social Forum is a last call for the global movement
Know Your Place New Statesman
September 2005
Standing up for your locality is the best form of patriotism
Where did Global Resistance go? New Statesman
June 2005
This year's G8 'protests' were nothing of the sort
Democracy is Dead New Internationalist
November 2004
Global neoliberalism is making voting increasingly irrelevant
Reclaiming England New Statesman
November 2004
A new radical patriotism could serve to unite us all
In Praise of the Nimby New Statesman
May 2004
Opponents of local developments are not always selfish or narrow-minded: often they are the true heroes of democracy.
Scrooge goes shopping New Statesman
December 2003
A modern Christmas tale    
Do We Need Nature: A Modest Answer New Statesman
June 2003
An entry for an irresistible essay competition

Power to the People

The Ecologist
April 2003

Resistance to the war in Iraq shows signs of becoming a genuine 'peoples' movement'


Bjorn again

The Ecologist
March 2003

We listen to Bjorn Lomborg and his fellow eco-sceptics because we secretly want to believe them


Of Cuttlefish and Men

The Ecologist
February 2003

Politicians regularly use dishonest language to disguise their crimes


If it's Tuesday, it must be Seattle

The Ecologist
March 2001

Whatever happened to the road protesters?

Seeds of the new in the Prague Autumn The Ecologist
November 2000
The recent Prague protests were the birth pangs of a new politics.

Drowning in a wide green sea

The Ecologist
July 2000

We are all environmentalists now. And this is terrible news.


The Force Is With Us

The Ecologist
October 1999

Is it just me, or has George Lucas written an anti-capitalist allegory?


New Moon

February 1999

Scientists have come up with a plan to abolish the night


The Cordoning-Off Of Nature

October 1998

Fencing 'people' off from 'nature' is a symptom of a sick society


Father Thames


The beauty of the River Thames springs from its human scale


Life Beyond The Motorway


Where the travel stops, life begins; in Britain as in the wider world


Twyford Down: five years on

Written for Twyford Rising

Looking back on Britain's first road protest