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Kidland is my first collection of poetry. It is published by Salmon in April 2011. There will be more information about it on this site in the new year.

Dark Mountain 1, of which I was co-editor, is the first collection of 'Uncivilised' writing, published by Dark Mountain Books in 2010. You can buy it here.

Uncivilisation is the manifesto which launched the Dark Mountain Project in 2009. It was written by myself and Dougald Hine, and can be read or bought here.

Real England explores the impact of breakneck globalisation on the cultures and landscapes of my own country, England. It was published by Portobello in 2008. There's more about it in the link on the left.

One No, Many Yeses is a political travelogue, exploring the rise of the ‘anti-globalisation’ movement around the world. It was published in the UK by Simon and Schuster in 2003, and was translated into six languages and published in thirteen other countries. There's more about it in the link on the left.